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Ajax Concrete Colorado Springs, CO

About Us

S.M.A.R.T. Experience Proven with 39 Years of Experience

  • S - Simple : We strive to make estimation, planning, scheduling and construction easy and digital. We use automation to schedule and track progress of job site

  • M - Mature : With over 39 years of experience and with each foreman having decades of concrete formation experience, we take quality very seriously. Every job is inspected by Quality inspectors to avoid hassle with City inspectors

  • A - Affordable : Housing market is in pressure and prices are drastically dropping. We optimize our productivity to make concrete formation affordable but keeping the same standards of quality

  • R - Reliable : Ortega Concrete is known in Colorado Springs area as one of the most reliable sub contractors. We understand the dependencies on our work and overall project timelines

  • T - Trusted : Our growing business over last 39 years shows the trust builders, general contractors and home owners have put in us

Our Clients

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